Welcome to the Spine Centre

The SpineCentre is a group practice, which focuses exclusively on the diagnosis and management of spinal pathologies. The group provides a holistic approach to the treatment of spinal conditions which includes pain procedures as well as open and percutaneous operative procedures.

The group has consulting rooms in Paarl and Kuilsriver and operates at Paarl MediClinic and Netcare Kuilsriver.

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In the majority of instances neck pain is benign and, as such, it can be treated conservatively. Most neck pain is caused by muscle or ligament sprains which recover in time. Neurological symptoms such as arm pain, loss of arm strength, altered sensation or balance deterioration are considered as more serious. Neck pain which does not resolve itself within 6 weeks, or which is very severe, warrants investigation.

Arm pain is often related to neck pathology. Nerve compression by a displaced intervertebral disc fragment can result in arm pain. This pain demonstrates a very specific distribution according to the spinal level affected. There are other causes of arm pain that can mimic neck pathology such as shoulder pathology or other nerve entrapments. A thorough physical examination and imaging studies will locate the problem and an appropriate treatment plan can then be decided upon.

Pain in the upper part of the back is less common with most cases ascribed to muscle strains, poor posture, and in some cases, a deformity of the spine. If pain does not resolve within a reasonable period of time, or if it is associated with systemic illness, further investigation is required. A history of trauma and cancer, particularly in older persons, could also be a cause for concern. The vast majority of upper back pain cases is treated conservatively and tends to resolve completely without invasive treatment.

Lower back pain is a very common condition experienced by most of us at some stage in our lives. Most causes of lower back pain are self-limiting with the pain resolving without any treatment in about 85% of cases. Such pain is likely due to a muscle strain or early degenerative changes in the spine. However, danger signs include pain which does not resolve or respond to pain medication, a history of significant trauma, night pain associated with weight loss and systemic symptoms such as suffering from a fever or generally feeling unwell. Associated leg pain can also be a sign of nerve impingement and thus warrants further investigation.

Leg pain is commonly associated with lower back pathology. A variety of causes can result in nerve root entrapment in the lower back, which causes leg pain in the absence of pathology in the leg itself. Most commonly the pain manifests in a single leg and in a specific part of the leg alone. If there is narrowing of the spinal canal patients can sometimes develop generalized leg pain in both legs with associated weakness. Clinical examination and relevant imaging studies will highlight the specific pathology.


Our team includes 3 orthopaedic spine surgeons, a rehabilitation general practitioner, specialised physical therapists and spine diagnostics all under one roof. Each physician has specialty fellowship training in treatment of spinal conditions and disorders. They are trained and experienced in all areas of spine care including trauma, deformity, cervical, thoracic and lumbar degenerative disorders.

The following surgeons form part of the SpineCentre team:

  1. Dr Reggie King whose special field of interest is degenerative spinal conditions.
  2. Dr Shawn Venter who focuses on minimally invasive and endoscopic spinal procedures.
  3. Dr Hein Verhoef is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in minimally invasive spine surgery. He is currently undertaking a fellowship at the Spine Centre

Dr Reggie King

Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon | MBChB, M.Med (Ortho), FC (SA) Ortho, PhD (Stellenbosch University)

Dr King focuses on degenerative spinal disorders. These conditions often require a spinal fusion when conservative management fail. He has a special interest in anterior lumbar surgery. These specialized surgical techniques allows accurate restoration of the patient’s anatomy and excellent fusion rates. Our centre is one of the few spinal units in the country that offers the full spectrum of anterior and posterior spinal fusions.

Dr Shawn Venter

Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon | MBChB, BSc Hons Pharms, M.Med (Ortho), FC (SA) Ortho

Dr Venter’s field of interest and expertise is minimally invasive spinal surgical techniques. This allows excellent relief of the patient’s pain with an expedited post-surgical recovery. He is one of the few surgeons in South Africa offering the full spectrum of minimally invasive spinal surgery, including endoscopic surgery.

Dr Hein Verhoef

Orthopaedic Surgeon | MBChB, M.Med (Ortho), FC (SA) Ortho

Dr Verhoef is the current trainee spinal orthopaedic surgeon affiliated to the SpineCentre. He is expanding and refining his surgical skills. He is exposed to the whole spectrum of spinal surgical techniques needed to treat spinal pathology, including minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Dr Else Sliep

General practitioner | MBChB

Dr Sliep specializes in the rehabilitation of patients following spinal surgery. Her focus is on helping patients, with the help of our therapists, to make a full recovery following spinal surgery. She ensures optimal aftercare guaranteeing optimal clinical results.

Karin Potgieter and her dedicated group of physiotherapists are responsible for the rehabilitation of both non-surgically and surgically treated patients.

Marne Schaeffer and her team of occupational therapists manage patients’ occupational rehabilitation to ensure their appropriate return to work.

Yolandi Venter, a qualified dietician, optimizes patients’ nutritional status peri-operatively and manages weight loss programs for patients, if needed.